Laura Leonelli

Laura Leonelli

Advisory Committee

A life-long feminist with more than 15 years’ experience in the realms of work, activism and studies on women’s human rights. She was born in Bolivia, where her mother and father exiled during the last military government of Argentina.

Her physical life takes place between Córdoba, Argentina, and Barcelona, although almost 100% of her virtual life is in Latin America.

She is the International Resource Mobilisation Manager of the Fondo de Mujeres del Sur (FMS), integrating the Executive Direction Area. FMS supports organizations that advocate for women’s and LBTIQ+ people’s rights in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. The Fund is also coordinating Leading from the South programme in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Laura is a lawyer and holds a university degree in social communication, a master’s degree in International Studies, and a higher degree in social sciences with a mention in gender and public policies.

She worked as a journalist for 10 years in Argentina; during that time she managed, with her articles, that a gender perspective and one in favor of the rights of the LBTIQ+ community be a part of the editorial agenda.

She is a strong advocate for the right to legal, safe and free abortion, and was an active member of the journalist collective Ni Una Menos Córdoba (Not one [woman] less), organizing massive demonstrations against femicides.

She feels privileged to be living such a historical moment of feminism. She is very grateful to all the feminists, including her mother, that have opened up paths for such a strong, diverse and intersectional feminist movement that exists in Latin America, and very proud of the pacific revolution that young women and girls are leading in the region.