Fenomenal Funds is a feminist funder collaborative using a shared governance model and participatory grantmaking to support the resilience of women’s funds who are members of the Prospera International Network of Women’s Funds.

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Sneha Tatapudy

Sneha Tatapudy (she/her) is the Manager of Institutional Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Women First International Fund. Prior to joining WomenFirst, Sneha worked at Global Fund for Women, where she […]

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Nino Asatashvii

Nino is a feminist activist and philanthropic advocate from Georgia. She believes in the power of co-creation and grassroots activism for a just world. Nino has over nine years of […]

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Jebli Shrestha

Jebli is a feminist activist from Asia. Born in Nepal and have worked with and formed relationships from sisters across Asia and across movements – including migrant and labour rights, […]

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Prachi Patankar

Born and raised in rural India, Prachi was raised by a freedom-fighter grandmother and parents deeply involved in anti-caste, feminist, and peasant movements. Over two decades in New York City, […]

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Kika Frisone

Kika has worked closely in, with and for cultural and social organizations, social movements and activist collectives that focus on queer, LGBTQ+ rights, youth, sexual and reproductive rights, feminist activism, […]

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